Classique – Where we started. Our Classique sub-line strives to embody a timeless, classic, elegant look. Pieces in our Classique sub-line are meant to be reminiscent of bygone days, romance, and femininity. Whether used as a part of a Lolita fashion coordinate, or to simply dress up a fancy outfit, a Classique by Atelier Sucré accessory will bring a heightened sense of sophistication and splendor to your look. 

One of the highlights of the Classiqe sub-line is our signature Afternoon Fancy hat. Based on the 18th-Century shepardess hats beloved by Marie Antoinette’s inner circle, our Afternoon Fancy hats are generally available in two base sizes and colors, with many, many trims and florals to choose from. Patrons may select from our ready made stock, or may contact us for a custom-made hat, generally available in 2-4 weeks. 

In addition to our Afternoon Fancy hats, the Classique sub-line proudly showcases one of a kind jewelry, corsages, canotiers, and bonnets. On occasion, we may also have a limited stock of garments from recent runway shows, or whenever our head designer feels the urge to make something new.