About Our Atelier

Our Atelier

Atelier Sucré is a small independent Lolita fashion brand that is based in Southeastern New England. Our two-person workshop creates each item by hand, and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, strong attention to detail, and the use of locally-sourced material. Our work often evokes a sense of historicism, and we draw a great deal of inspiration from the fashions of bygone eras. Atelier Sucré strives to create items that are unique and beautiful, like each person who wears them.

Our Staff

Kristen ☆ Owner/Seamstress/Designer

Kristen is the owner, head seamstress, and lead designer of Atelier Sucré. Her primary responsibilities include garment and accessory design, sewing, website management, and order fulfillment. While Kristen has not yet received any formal training in fashion design, she has spent time learning embellishment, sewing, and alterations techniques on the job in the alterations department of a busy bridal shop. Kristen loves historical fashion, and enjoys incorporating historical motifs and design elements in her work. Her favorite eras in historical fashion are the Victorian, Rococo, and Tudor eras. When Kristen is not working her day job or working on things for the shop, she can be found reading, taking classes, and spending entirely too much time online.

Kerry ☆ Assistant Designer/Shop Assistant/Self-Proclaimed Booth Goblin

Kerry is the second-in-command at Atelier Sucré. They are responsible for keeping Kristen sane, hand sewing, embroidery, pattern and fabric cutting, and holding down the fort at conventions. Kerry’s grandmother taught them hand sewing, crochet, and other handiwork at a young age, and they are now learning the finer points of working with a sewing machine. Kerry is a full-time student, and excels at baking. When Kerry is not on the job, they enjoy Russian history and literature, corsetry, and ball-jointed dolls. Their favorite eras in fashion are the 1940’s and 50’s, and the Victorian Era.

Voodoo Squirrel ☆ Mascot/ Pincushion

Voodoo Squirrel is the unofficial shop mascot. He’s a pincushion, and may be a little self-loathing. He gets stuck full of pins. Voodoo Squirrel doesn’t realize how useful he